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Frame: 100% METAL
Seat Depth: 50 cm
Seat Width: 60 cm
Seat Height: 42 cm
Bed Size: Width: 175 cm Depth: 60 cm
Seat Cushion Thickness: 23 cm
Back Cushion Thickness: 9 cm
Leg's Height: 20,5 cm
Back Cushion Width: 120 cm
Back Rest Height: 40 cm
Armrest Width: 4 cm
Armrest Height: 15 cm
Armrest Depth: 35 cm
Rebonded Foam for Sitting
Rebonded Foam for Back
14-Level Adjustable Backrest
Easily Convertible to Bed
Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 kg

Number of Packages: 1

Sando Single - Grey

SKU: 859FTN2313
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